TVB clip (tout va bien), December, 2006
Direction Robert Nortik

A merge of different musical influences; rock, jazz, and trip hop on poetic texts, this sextet, born in 2006 is formed by a trumpeteer an a pianist, Academy virtuosos coming from classical music, by a singer who left the punk rock scene and the new wave, by a guitarist who grow up between Van Halen, church music and Jeff Beck, by a bass player who blends progressive rock and fusion, and by a young surprising drummer who plays frequently in jazz settings ! Tout Va Bien plays what could be pop songs, elegant and decadent but finally unclassifiable.

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Cargo productions 2004, 12 min.
Direction Robert Nortik
« Best European Film », IFCT, 2006
(International Festival of Cinema and Technology.)

“The Japanese Cook” is about cultural misunderstanding. Michel meets his Japanese girlfriend's father for the first time. What could be a nice family gathering turns into a nightmare for the young man, ready to do whatever it takes to prove his love.

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Cargo productions 2003, 13 min.
Direction Robert Nortik
Locarno Sélection, 2003

After an escape from prison, despite their diverging world views, a ring leader and a small time crook’s  destinies are joined in a wild chase  through the mountains.

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